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Celebration of Middle-Year Results

On July 31, 2015 the Prime College team celebrated middle-year results and achievements.

It is worth noting that this year 41 programs for 130 attendees from 10 countries have been successfully arranged in the UAE, Russia and remotely.

On this occasion the Prime College team visited the FINA World Championship, Finals on Synchronic Swimming in Kazan

Final - Photo - 1Final - Photo - 2

Final - Photo - 3Final - Photo - 4

Based on 140 feedbacks received from course attendees, 10 lecturers, professionals in Borehole Flow Analysis, English Language and Presentation Skills, Reservoir Flow Analysis, Log Data Processing and Presentation, Well Integrity were awarded by certificates and tickets to famous sport and cultural events.

The Colleagues shared their impressions:

  • Lisa: “It was surely most impressive to see the performance of Russian sport team. Their synchronicity and perfect movement did not give any chances to competitors.”
  • Aydar: “I liked the Finals of the Synchronic swimming very much. It was the first time, when I had a chance to visit such a beautiful and global sport event. I would like to thank the Company for this opportunity.”
  • Fanis: “Synchronic swimming is surely one of the most attractive and spectacular sports. I was very happy to watch it for the first time in my life. For the first time I could see entire complicity and beauty of the synchronic programs for teams. Will not hide how proud I am about the results of the competition, as the Russian team won. I could notice that they were really the best!”
  • Maria: “It was twice great to feel the common aims and atmosphere with our college team and also to find out that our sport team won the Championship.”
  • Albina: “I had a chance to visit the Championship Opening Show “Pilgrim”. I was particularly impressed by a hologram, which was projected on the fountain. It was fantastic! The entire performance was just wonderful. Thank you for this opportunity!”
  • Yana: “Friendly and energetic audience built unique atmosphere of the World Championship. Visiting such event as part of the wonderful Prime College team was especially nice and positive experience. Thank you, guys!”
Date: July 31, 2015